A Passport is a personal official Government document and should not be given to anyone unless the holder is traveling or in an emergency. If the holder is employed by a company in a foreign country the HR department will only need his or her Passport for dealing with either the Immigration or Labour department issues etc, however the HR person may not know what kind of visa the foreign employee had when he or she entered Taiwan.

EZ Permit was contacted by the HR department of a particular company that were faced with a problem with one of their foreign employees. They found that he had entered Taiwan on an APEC Business Travel Card and not as they had advised him to, by using his normal Passport which was eligible for visa exemption. This meant that the company faced problems with the Immigration Department in applying for his ARC (Aliens Residency Card)

EZ Permit were happy to advise the company HR department on what needed to be done and what documents had to be provided to resolve the problem. The HR department were relieved that EZ Permit had all the answers and were happy to outsource the process to them.


某間知名外商公司的人力資源部,因面臨其中一名外籍職員簽證問題,進而主動與台灣易簽聯繫。他們發現該名外籍職員使用了亞太經濟合作商務旅行卡入境台灣,而非透過公司給他的建議 - 以免簽方式入台。這意味該公司為他申請外僑居留證時,將會在移民署面臨問題。