1. Each of our clients has their own professional EZ consultant as a single window point of contact making the EZ process simple to follow.

2. We employ experts qualified to ESS license standards in order to deliver your case in a manner that leads to the fast and effective acceptance and approval of your application.

3. EZ PERMIT has access to an experienced Legal, Financial and Taxation consulting service team if required. This can assist in the processing of your application and to eliminate any difficulties.

4. Any housing or accommodation issues that applicants may have can assisted by our FREE Real Estate consulting service team enabling immigrants to settle down in Taiwan more easily.

5. EZ PERMIT's fees for handling your application are very affordable at a very competitive price.

6. EZ PERMIT provides a "real-time after-sales services" to ensure that your employer avoids the possibility of contravening or not being in compliance with Taiwan regulations. EZ PERMIT consultants care for our clients by helping them avoid being involved in NIA's blacklists .









Six specifications and sincerity that are actually helpful to you

1. Each customer has the help of a dedicated consultant, the window is single, and the program is not repeated.
2. We hire a consultant with an ESS license to send the documents and get a work permit quickly.
3. Experienced legal, financial and taxation advisory team consulting services, always have a backing.
4. The housing problem can be freely obtained by the Fangzhong consulting service, so that foreigners can live and work.
5. The price is always the most affordable, only the most basic consulting fee.
6. After-sales service is the most sincere, all the relevant licenses expired can get instant reminder, so as to avoid corporate penalties, foreigners are listed in the blacklist.


Individual case process



Corporate case process