Mr. M’s case EZ Permit committed to offering future help

A gentleman from France who we will call Mr. M was in Taiwan attending a conference on Chinese and Western Cultural Exchanges when he came into contact with a member of our EZ staff. They exchanged business cards and during their conversation Mr. M expressed his great disappointment in an incident that he had recently experienced. He had been offered a job by a Taiwan company which he was eager to accept but after some time the offer was withdrawn due to the company offering him the job not being able to apply correctly for his work permit.

Due to his current Visa expiring shortly and his lack of funds he was going to have to return to France and find a job there but he was still keen on working in Taiwan one day. In an effort to help him the EZ staff member offered to keep in touch with him via e-mail and let him know of any possible job opportunities that came up. He was assured that if EZ handled his case in the future that his application for a work permit and ARC card would be handled professionally and correctly.