Miss A’s Work Permit application problems

A young lady from Russia, Miss A, had been successful in applying for a job with a company in Taiwan. However the company she was to work for encountered problems in applying for her work permit. The company very much wanted Miss A to fill the position as her background and qualifications were ideal. Also Miss A was very keen to come to Taiwan to live and be employed.

EZ Permit was contacted to see if they could help. Meetings and discussions took place with both the employer and Miss A and after carefully reviewing the reasons for the work permit application being rejected a solution to the problem was found. This primarily involved a better translation of the applicant’s qualification documents and letters of recommendation and also their authentication by the appropriate authority.

EZ Permit took on the case relieving the company of the rather lengthy and time consuming process. After all of the necessary work had been completed the application was resubmitted to the WDA and the result was successful.