EZ Permit helps Enspyre to apply for Taiwanese work permit/ARC

Most local companies in Taiwan of course know exactly how to hire Taiwanese employees. The process with employment contracts and insurance sign-ups etc. runs smoothly and efficiently. But how about applying for work permits and alien resident certificates for foreign employees? Many Taiwan companies don’t need to employ many foreign employees and therefore they are less familiar with this process.

As an illustration of this the Telemarketing and Phone Services Company Enspyre is such a company. In 2010 when they wanted to hire a Swedish citizen to be their new European Account Manager. Even though Enspyre was co-founded by a Swedish national, they had no experience with applying for work permits and so they turned to EZ Permit for help.

EZ Permit quickly advised them on what papers and documents the employee and the company had to have available. They then helped to draft the contracts and job descriptions that would make the process as smooth as possible.

EZ Permit consultants were also on hand throughout the procedure of handing in the papers and documents to the authorities. They assisted in communicating with the government officials and in explaining things to both Enspyre and the employee.

Enspyre President Elias Ek says:

“I am very happy with EZ Permit’s services. They made the process as painless as it possibly could be. I have recommended them to several of my friends who have had issues related to work permits and ARCs (Taiwan Alien Resident Certificates).”


More information about Enspyre at www.enspyre.com