There is a well-known restaurant in Taichung, the owner (who we will refer to as Mr. L) plans to expand his business by setting up a new company this year, and he wanted to hire a friend (Mr. D) from his hometown in India. However, Mr. D was employed by a company in Taipei. Mr. L didn’t know how to set up a company, how to apply for a work permit for Mr. D, and the process of transferring his friend to a new employer, so Mr. L contacted with EZ Permit.

Setting up the company involved submitting the application to government, and the process on how to import foreign capital to Taiwan… etc, which was complicated. The professional consultants of EZ Permit guided and assisted Mr. L to deal with above issues, and successfully finished the stage of setting up a company. As a follow-up, EZ Permit also helped Mr. L with things such as : analyzing with the application of the appropriate work permit for Mr. D, helping the expatriate to communicate with his previous employer regarding the timing of early dismissal and how to obtain a new ARC without having to leave Taiwan.

EZ Permit provides a professional ONE-STOP Solution – Setting up a company, Applying for a work permit, Assisting in the foreigner transferring to a new employer and obtain a new ARC, ensuring that the process complied with the Laws for hiring expatriates. EZ Permit was patient and careful in explaining the details of every single process, Mr. L was very satisfied and assured by the process, and is happy to introduce customers to EZ Permit.