An American gentleman who we will refer to as Mr. S had recently graduated from University and found employment in Taiwan. Mr S had been successful without any problems in applying for his work permit and ARC cards for himself and his family. However the company that Mr. S would be working for was located in an area that he and his family were totally unfamiliar with.

As he and his family spoke only in English, EZ Permit provided him with a Realty contact that could speak English who would help him to find suitable accommodation closer to where he worked. They visited quite a number of different places before one was found that satisfied Mr. S’s requirements. Then came the task of assisting Mr. S to become familiar with all of the details involved in signing the contract and lease agreement with the property owner. Finally everything was settled and Mr. S and his family were happy to settle into their new home.

美籍ABC男子,剛畢業即取得工作聘書來台工作。並無工作證或簽證上的問題。雖與家人同住但因工作地離家遠因此想搬出去住在公司附近以就近上班。家人不闇英文, 外國人因此尋求EZ PERMIT協助找尋適合的出租房子物件。

EZ Solutions:

因EZ PERMIT 每完成一雇主委託案例即撥出該案5-10%收入至EZ外國人基金中 (EZ FUND),因此來台工作的外國人得以享受EZ FUND的房屋/居住問題諮詢服務。EZ顧問了解外國人租屋需求後,開始給予多方面租屋資訊及介面。外國人即使在語言上有障礙亦能自行操作數次後得到經驗。EZ顧問每週關心外國人找屋進度並安排一次性陪同看屋翻譯,非常貼心。 租屋雖不像買屋須要花長時間謹慎挑選, EZ顧問仍建議最好比較過5-10間自己認為最喜歡的再下手,約一個月的看屋時間是有其必要性。S先生在自我嚴格的標準下終於在第四週找到心中理想的房子, EZ顧問並陪同S先生協助其與房東翻譯溝通細節並完成簽約手續。