A gentleman from Germany who we will refer to as Mr. O sees the EZ advertisement on Linkedin and subsequently at a forum on Chinese and Western affairs in Taipei he manages to find an EZ Consultant who is attending the same event.

They exchange business cards and Mr O explains his present situation in that he has just graduated from one of the top universities in Taiwan where he gained his MBA degree. He had already attended several interviews for various jobs but he is keenly interested in aspects related to the environment, especially in the field of green energy and so prefers to look for opportunities related to this.

The EZ consultant and Mr. O discuss his individual case and how best to pursue his career and ideas in this field, despite the limited number of job opportunities available in Taiwan. The EZ Consultant offered to provide Mr. O with information on the current vacancies in Taiwan’s green energy industry but warned him not to be too disappointed otherwise he may loose his interest and willingness to work in Taiwan.

Finally on reading the report Mr. O decided to go back to Germany to try to find suitable work. After his departure the EZ consultant maintained contact with him and soon after his return to Germany he was offered a position as a German consultant to work in China. Although the EZ consultant could not provide Mr. O with assistance in finding suitable employment in Taiwan, but their relationship provided a good platform for positive interaction. This gives them the opportunity to discuss the possibility of cooperation between the different industries in different countries in working creatively in an environmentally friendly way.

德籍男子收到EZ顧問於Linkedin社交網路服務網站之推薦信,開啟O先生與EZ PERMIT之緣。後又於Oriented中西交流之社交場合與EZ顧問交換名片認出EZ顧問。O先生剛畢業於台灣最高學府取得MBA學位, 的確是企業搶手的當紅炸子雞。但因堅持將自己的生涯下注在未來前景看好的綠能產業,因此拒絕無數次面試甚至是高薪聘書機會。

EZ Solutions:

EZ顧問與O先生詳聊後亦支持其職涯想法及其堅持。雖可行之工作機會稀少,但EZ顧問仍將台灣目前綠能產業求職及職缺現況與O先生詳實報告,即使有可能喪失該位外國人來台工作意願。最後O先生決定先回德國找尋工作。近日與EZ顧問保持聯繫後,表明回德國後接受一份德國顧問公司聘書被派至中國。雖然EZ顧問並無實質協助其於台就業,但目前O先生與台灣易簽將有一良性互動, 談取異業結盟合作的可能性讓雙方創意點子發酵。